MUDDyTech, Inc. is

a nonprofit organization whose mission is to broadly bridge the digital divide through various programs and activities:

  • by accepting donations of computer hardware, or funds to purchase equipment, which may be rededicated for use by families who do not have a computer in the home,
  • by providing training, through the Lucid Computer Training program, to give families access to technology with open-source, free, or low-cost alternatives to costly commercial software,Student learning
  • by assisting individuals to access the Internet,
  • by sharing computer and technology expertise, knowledge, and opportunities within communities,
  • by providing training, at any location, on a variety of software to individuals or organizations for fee for service,
  • and conducting other activities that broadly involves technology.


MUDDyTech is now taking donations of PC computers, desktop or laptops. MUDDyTech would like to take care of all of your technology recycling needs but unfortunately recycling costs money… Read More

What is Lucid?

Lucid Computer Training is a program that provides training and a donated computer that the trainee can take home, being unable to purchase one. In an effort to reach out to families with young children in the home, Lucid Computer Training was created to provide a free computer with training on installed free software which includes Linux OS (operating system), LibreOffice (similar and compatible with Microsoft Office) … Read More


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